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Splatter Screen

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Perfect 12” Stainless Steel Splatter Screen – Safe, No Fuss Cooking with Minimal Cleanup Afterwards, Multipurpose Splatter Guard, Steamer, Strainer and Cooling Tray

  • SAFE, SPLATTER-FREE COOKING AND WITH NO MESS TO CLEANUP: You can finally enjoy cooking without worrying about the splatter or mess. Never again will you need to deal with spitting grease or minor spills while cooking. The Perfect 12” Splatter Screen will fit securely over all standard-sized pots and pans. The screen stops spills from getting onto your stove top, clothes, or skin.
  • ELIMINATES THE MOST COMMON COOKING HAZARDS: One of the biggest hazards of cooking is dealing with the splatter of grease and other hot liquids. This is a common issue when frying bacon, grilling meat, and prepare hot sauces. The splatter can cause minor burns. The real threat is getting hot liquid below the burner, which could result in a grease fire. The Perfect 12” Splatter Screen solves this problem.
  • FITS ALMOST ANY FRYING PAN OR POT: The Perfect 12” Splatter Screen is designed to fit all standard kitchen frying pans or pots. As long as you are using standard-sized pots and pans, you should have no problem securing the splatter screen. It works with all materials too, including stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, and even ceramic cookware. It is even oven and dishwasher safe!
  • ECONOMICAL AND ENVIRONMENTALLY SAFE DESIGN: The Perfect 12” Splatter Screen has been designed to be economical and environmentally safe. You can still enjoy all of your favorite dishes. The splatter guard will not impact the flavor of your meals. It also includes stainless steel resting feet, so that you safely set the Splatter Screen on your stove top or counter without worrying about making a mess.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: The Perfect 12” Splatter Screen is fully protected by Amazon’s A-Z money-back guarantee. So, you have nothing to lose. You can test the Splatter Screen and ensure it suits your needs or you can get your money back.