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Super 7.5 Quart Superior-Drainage Stainless Steel Colander Big Enough to Feed the Whole Family and Still Capture Every Grain of Rice

  • DRAIN EVERYTHING FROM PASTA TO SALAD WITH NO LIQUID BUILDUP: The Super 7.5 Qt Colander is covered from the bottom up with micro-perforated holes, which make it easy to drain everything from cooked pasta to freshly chopped lettuce with no water buildup. Now you can drain an entire family-sized meal in a single go. This incredible large colander is built with perforated holes that are carefully placed to drain all of the water while catching cooked, smaller foods including orzo, lentils, and rice!
  • BIG ENOUGH FOR YOUR NEXT DINNER PARTY: Whether youre prepping for the summer barbecue or family reunion, the Super 7.5 Quart Colander makes it easy to rinse and drain large amounts of fruits and vegetables in one step. The Super 7.5 is bigger than 7.5 Quarts and will catch every piece of that steaming macaroni. Dont forget about grandmas homemade baked goods; the perforated holes are perfect for sifting flour and other baking ingredients. This multi-purpose colander is truly one-of-a-kind.
  • SAY GOODBYE TO SOGGY PASTA AND SPOILED FOOD: Let the al dente pasta cool down while your traditional homemade sauce simmers to perfection. No more sopping wet puddles to spoil spaghetti night. Unlike a closed bottom colander, the Super 7.5 Stainless Steel Colander has a raised, open bottom, which drains quicker and prevents food from touching the dirty kitchen sink. Now you can enjoy those mouth-watering delicious meals your family loves without worrying about wasting food and starting all over.
  • CLEANUP AND STORE WITH EASE AND CONVENIENCE: How many times have you fiddled with your cooking ware only to have it awkwardly take up space in the cabinet? What makes the Super 7.5 Quart Colander unique is its modern design and its ability to store bowls, pots, pans, and other utensils, right inside it. This opens up cupboard space and makes storage more convenient than ever. Plus, the colanders dishwasher-safe polished stainless steel finish and sturdy handles make it simple to hold and clean.
  • 100% MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE: The Super 7.5 Quart Colander is fully protected by Amazons A-Z money-back guarantee.